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Trailer for The Theory of Everything, the spectacular new film about Stephen Hawking and his wife, Jane. Complement with Hawking’s actual theory of everything, animated in 150 seconds. Also see Errol Morris’s excellent documentary about the iconic physicist. 

Interesting take on business needs for “responsive” designs.

As adults, we try to develop the character traits that would have rescued our parents.
Alain de Botton (via spitswap)

Drawing Dynamic Visualizations

Discovering message flows in actor systems with the Spider Pattern


In this post I’m going to show a pattern that can be used to discover facts about an actor system while it is running. It can be used to understand how messages flow through the actors in the system. The main reason why I built this pattern is to understand what is going on in a running actor system that is distributed across many machines. If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it (and I’m in good company with that quote :)

Building actor systems is fun but debugging them can be difficult, you mostly end up browsing through many log files on several machines to find out what’s going on. I’m sure you have browsed through logs and thought, “Hey, where did that message go?”, “Why did this message cause that effect” or “Why did this actor never get a message?”

This is where the Spider pattern comes in.

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Scala rocks! A strongly typed functional / object oriented hybrid language on the jvm that codes concisely and runs fast! 

crazyrobots-1.jpgThere may or may not be robots that are truly “good” someday, but there will probably be bad robots, if there aren’t already. If not bad robots, then bad robot situations. You can catch a taste of the feeling of what might go wrong in the robot pricing wars that elevate the cost of certain used books on Amazon into millions of dollars.

For example, you can’t buy a used copy of Lee Betteridge’s book “How to Survive Personal Bankruptcy" on Amazon today for less than $2.3 million. (Unless you buy it on Kindle! It’s only $7 there.) It’s not just that ironic title, either. Last Spring, a scientific text titled "The Making of a Fly" (about fruit-flies) was found selling for $23m on Amazon. This is amusing, but there’s something deeper and potentially disturbing going on under the surface. It’s an issue of the relationship between human beings and robots.

The claim is that  tumblr. is impacting journalism. However, looks more like another take on what did wwwwayyyy back when.